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Repair Solutions for Automated Gates In Santa Monica, CA

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You might forget your automated gates exist if you interact with them on a daily basis. This is how convenience works: look for it, find it, and then live freely. Unfortunately, wear and tear will eventually take its toll, and suddenly that entry/exit convenience becomes a hunt for repair solutions. Or maybe your old gates just need an upgrade? All you want to do is return to that sweet spot of leisure.

What’s the repair solution for your home or company gate style? You might have an automated gate that’s become difficult to swing open. Maybe the neighbor accidentally backed into your gate, and now there are mechanical issues and surface damage. Regardless of the situation, don’t fret—these are common occurrences in Santa Monica, which means there is a solution.

Poor Movement Issues

Automated gates provide quick access to frequently-used locations. Local business owners rely on this kind of functionality. Traffic might slow if your slide gates won’t function properly. Drivers will have to stop and open them manually or wait for someone else to do it. This isn’t convenient for large families, either. Poor movement issues can delay trips to school and add to the general chaos of the morning rush.

InteleGates can help if your automated gates lose their movement capabilities. No matter what the model or make is, our gate specialists can replace hinges, pulleys, and other inner workings. We provide world-class tools and parts to change or accommodate most major brands.

Stop by our website if you’re not sure about your issue. We’ll have a specialist walk you through the known malfunctions and then set up an affordable plan. After that, we’ll be ready to go to work. Don’t miss out on another day of convenience.

Damaged Exterior and Interior

Repair solutions often involve surface-level scrapes and bends. Runaway vehicles or vandalism can be stopped by stronger gates, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be signs left behind. The source doesn’t have to be so dramatic, though; even a mirror blind spot or narrow opening can lead to accidental damage.

In any case, InteleGates uses modern resurfacing and replacement techniques. Our installation specialists have seen every manner of gate mishap. Simple exterior harm will be covered like it was never there. We always check below the surface as well, just in case electrical or mechanical components are impacted. And we work fast—this California automated gate services company knows how to perform emergency repairs affordably.

Repair Solutions for Santa Monica

Busted or outdated mechanisms are no problem. We can show you the latest innovations for automated gates, then install them according to plan. Whether it’s faulty movement sensors, roller snags, or an undeterminable error, one thing is for sure: it’s best to consult a gate repair specialist.

InteleGates employees are equipped to help with electronic gate repairs and prevention tactics. Following a job estimate, we get to work. We don’t want you to have to lose business or pull your hair out when gates break down. Schedule an appointment today with our on-call technicians. InteleGates has repair solutions for your style.

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