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Gate Automation in Burbank

Burbank, known as the “Media Capital of the World” thanks to both Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. Studios being mainstays, is located in the southeastern end of the San Fernando Valley. Sitting only 12 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, Burbank residents have their pick of sophisticated and chic boutiques that change every few years (and sometimes months). In many ways, this is the best of Los Angeles, with the Walk of Fame as a reminder of how far someone can come in the world when they have the talent to back it up.

As an authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster, InteleGates provides gate automation for both commercial and residential properties. Our services are available for first-time Burbank residents who need to install an electric gate or anyone who’s looking to upgrade components like remote controls and gate security software. InteleGates works with any gate brand, no matter which one you favor.

Quick Response Controls

Remote controls can respond to automated commands within seconds. In many ways, quick response controls create instant protection for you and your family or business. Depending on the type of device or software, the control options will only be in trusted hands. With a modern remote, you won’t need to lose sleep over faulty gate sensors or possible security holes. We use surface and underground sensors that allow visitors to pass without accidental closings. These sensors are quick to respond to the nearest action so your vehicles won’t suffer any unfortunate damage. Our gate installation specialists can enhance your gates with sound automation controls. These gates can stabilize your home or office operation. You can rely on expertly installed controls that are easy to operate, store, and transport.

Gate Automation Capabilities 

InteleGates offers the best gate automation capabilities on the market. In California, slide gates can be utilized for family members who need to make emergency trips. Most automated gates run on a directional track, designed for convenient entry or exits. This modern protection also keeps your elderly family members from harm and makes their own travels easier. Swing gates, which are a classic style, operate on hinges that can hold up to everyday wear and tear. Overhead gates are designed to lift like a garage door, operating at a 90-degree curve to allow larger vehicles inside. Automated gates are user-friendly and built on innovation. Gate automation is an awesome investment for anyone in Burbank.

InteleGates Automation

InteleGates can repair or install gate buzzer systems on any model of automated gates for Burbank residents. An automated gate features tight security for commercial shops, keeping any boutique items safe. Gates can also keep your children safe, allowing them to enter the premises after school with ease. With an automated installation, your telephone entry systems, keypads, and mobile devices will deliver the technology that’s right for your domain.

Gate Repair & Maintenance

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Gate Automation

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