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Gate Automation in Westwood

Westwood, located in Los Angeles, has an ever-growing population of 55,858. The city has notable sights like the statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox to give the neighborhood some color. As symbolized by Bunyan, the area is known for evolving industries and hard work. Gate automation is no different, with many advancements in how it adds to your residence or commercial property.

Featuring a range of options, this is a technology built on safety and convenience. Gate automation is also a helpful tool for running an efficient business location. Local commercial properties need to abide by a system that keeps all the parts moving, which is why Westwood locals have upgraded to automated gates more often than not. 

Gate Convenience 

Convenience can be achieved while still retaining optimal security. Innovations like better motion sensors can prevent gates from closing too soon on vehicles, people, and pets. Automated gate sensors are linked to your keypad, fobs, or phone controls for hassle-free use. Most of these controls have mobile capability, which lets you store them anywhere for safekeeping. As an authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster, InteleGates provides gate automation that makes life a bit easier.

New Gate Controls

Automated gate installations come equipped with your choice of mobile controls. While there are plenty to choose from in a vast market, certain controls benefit commercial owners in specific ways. For example, key fobs and clickers allow you to open gates and store the remote on keychains or in handbags. Gate buzzers can be just as mobile, with easy “push one button” designs for anyone who needs to move fast.

With InteleGates’s innovative control options, you can open the gate from inside the premises without needing to leave your current position. Best of all, any mobile controls can be combined with other automation options like keypads and entry cards. An electric gate stabilizes your operation because you can rely on expertly-rigged fob controls that are easy to operate, store, and transport. Ask InteleGates today about your gate capabilities.

Westwood Gates

Your location can be equipped for success and safety in Westwood. Our installation specialists can go over the options with you if you are undecided. We can answer any questions you might have about install times, costs, and advantages. At InteleGates, we work fast while ensuring that quality is a key component. Swinging, sliding, or hinged gates might be different on the surface, but all are eligible for an upgrade to a more convenient setup. Ask us which direction would work best for your home or property. Our friendly staff is looking forward to working with you.

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