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Gate Maintenance in Palisades

Pacific Palisades is a beautiful residential neighborhood that borders the Pacific Ocean about 20 miles west of downtown LA. The Palisades is home to many celebrities and has been featured in various movies and TV shows. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the gorgeous landscape of the Palisades through the numerous state parks, beaches, and trails.

With a median home price of over $4 million, many homes in Pacific Palisades are already equipped with state-of-the-art automated gates. It is essential that homeowners take care of their gates by establishing a consistent maintenance schedule. InteleGates provides gate maintenance to homes and businesses throughout the LA area. Our goal is to diagnose any issues before they become problems beyond repair. Regular maintenance will prevent expensive repairs down the road and will extend the overall life of your gate.

Gate Repairs

As with any automated piece of equipment, repairs are sometimes necessary. InteleGates has a standardized system for diagnosing and planning for repairs in a step-by-step manner. At InteleGates, our goal is to make cost- and time-efficient repairs so that your gate is back to running smoothly in no time! If you know your gate needs a repair, call us right away before things get worse!

Gate Automation

For those Pacific Palisades residents looking to invest in an automated gate around their property, InteleGates is here to help. We have years of experience installing automatic gates on residential and commercial properties alike. Still need convincing? Did you know an automated gate can actually increase the value of your home? In addition, it makes your property more secure and is much more convenient than a manual gate.

Gate Access Controls

Automated gates allow homeowners to have control over who enters their gate and how they enter. Available gate access controls include remote controls, FOBs, entry cards, and a buzzer/telephone system. Each method of access control has its pros and cons. Pick one method or a combination of a few to make your gate as secure as possible.

If you live in the Pacific Palisades area and are interested in automated gate installation, repairs, or maintenance, contact InteleGates for more information.


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