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Gate Maintenance in Verdugo City

Verdugo City is a Glendale, CA neighborhood with an urban feel. With plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, Verdugo City is a great place for anyone who loves social activity. Suppose you operate a business or live in Verdugo City and need automated gate maintenance. In that case, InteleGates is here and ready to provide you with the best service for your automatic gate needs. 

InteleGates partners with DoorKing, LiftMaster, Bosch, and more to provide same-day service for any of your automated gate needs. Here are a few of the services we provide in your city. 

Gate Maintenance

The key to keeping your gate running is prevention with regular maintenance. Automated gates add security and ease to your home or business, but they do require regular maintenance. Without proper care, your gate system will stop operating smoothly. The expert team at InteleGates handles your maintenance with care through our step-by-step guide. Our technicians are trained to make minor repairs that can prevent issues such as grinding tracks, worn hinges, blocked sensors, fraying wires, and more.

Gate Repair

If you notice any issue with your automated gate system, quick repair is critical. Calling a repair service is the best way to ensure your gate is back up and running promptly. Common issues you should watch for include broken or rusted hinges, grinding from poor lubrication, chewed wires from rodents, and loose chains. Repairing even minor damages as soon as you discover them prevents future significant issues. Whether you have an electrical, mechanical, or unknown problem, the trained technicians at InteleGates help diagnose and repair your gate quickly.

Gate Controls

In addition to maintenance and repair, our team can also upgrade your gate system. Updating your gate controls is essential to maintaining the safety and defense of your property. You can choose between fobs, entry cards, keycards, remote controls, and more. We walk you through your gate control options to ensure your property is up-to-date. Upgrading or replacing your controls is easy with the InteleGates team.

Gate Automation

Do you have an established gate system for your home or business? InteleGates is here to automate it for you! Automating your gate system adds value and enhanced security to your property. Take control over who can access your property and increase convenience in your routine. You no longer have to spend time getting in and out of the car just to open your gate! Adding automation to your manual gate system is possible with the expert InteleGates team.

The team at Intelegates provides a variety of gate services for the Verdugo City area. Contact us today to schedule your service, whether you need gate repair, maintenance, upgrades, or automation.

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