Service Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your automated gates up and running. Automated gates come with many complexities, and with regular maintenance, you can make sure that all of the components work together as they should. Whether or not you used the InteleGates team for your gate installation, we’d be happy to service your gates regularly. With regular gate service, your gates will continue to keep your property safe for many years to come.

Gates We Maintain

At InteleGates, we have years of experience working with virtually every gate brand in the industry. We know all about what makes each gate unique, and we’re prepared to provide maintenance services for all kinds of gate brands. Here are some of the gates we work with on a regular basis:

  • FAAC
  • Sentex
  • Eagle
  • Ramset
  • Miracle One
  • BFT
  • Viking Access Systems
  • DKS Doorking
  • Chamberlain

Don’t see your gate’s brand listed up there? Not sure what exactly your gate’s brand is? Don’t worry. Give us a call, and we’ll chat about what our service can do for your gates. We’re always here and available if you have questions.

6 Month Maintenance

Over our years in the automated gate industry, we’ve found that regular maintenance every six months is the best choice for electric gates. This time frame prevents major gate issues and helps keep gates running smoothly.

Weather Changes

Six-month maintenance protects your gates from major weather changes. Thankfully, California gets fairly mild weather overall, but seasonal changes can make a difference in your automated gate performance. Hot weather and cold weather can both impact electric gates, and by having your gates serviced every six months, you can prepare your gates for both types of weather. Whether it’s cold rain in the winter or humidity in the summer, the weather doesn’t have to keep your gates from doing their job. The InteleGates team knows how to spot weather-related wear and tear, and we’ll also prepare your gates for the upcoming season’s weather. With maintenance every six months, you can rest assured that your gates are protected and ready to keep working.


When it comes to automated gate problems, insects are often the biggest culprits. The tiniest insects like to sneak into your gate’s cracks and crannies. Many of these bugs are so tiny that you can’t tell they’ve gotten into your gates until they’ve caused a problem. Without a professional maintenance service, it’s tough to get those bugs out of the system. When we provide maintenance service for your gates, bugs are one of the first things we look for. When these tiny insects get into your gate’s mechanisms, they can make your gates slow down or even stop working. However, when we clear the bugs out of the system every six months, we prevent those bugs from becoming a major problem.


It’s important to make sure that your gates have proper lubrication. Unfortunately, a lot of gate owners forget about this piece of the puzzle. As a result, gates can sustain gear damage, track damage, and more. When we provide your six-month maintenance service, we make sure that your gates have the proper amount of lubrication. This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping your gates lubricated, and your gates continue working as smoothly as possible, preventing future damage.

12 Point Inspection

The InteleGates team uses a time-tested inspection process that we’ve honed and perfected over the years. This process uses twelve specific points to check for the most common gate problems. Just like with any electronic device, big gate problems usually start as small problems. Those small problems are easy to ignore at first. However, if you let them go too long, they can cause expensive damage that’s much more difficult to fix. Our inspection process is designed to catch early signs of gate damage. This way, we can fix those problems right away before they turn into a major hassle for you.

Brands We Work With

InteleGates provides repair and installation of gates and gate automation for the following brands
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Automated Gate Repair

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Automated Gate Maintenance

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The InteleGates Difference?

InteleGates is the best choice for gate maintenance in LA and Orange County. Here are just a few of the reasons why the LA community chooses InteleGates for their gate maintenance needs.

20 Years of Experience

The InteleGates team has been in this business for over 20 years. We know gates better than anyone. We know how these gates work, what sets them apart, and what causes them trouble. When it comes to gate inspection and maintenance, you want a team that knows exactly what it’s doing. InteleGates is just that team. Don’t settle for a team of beginners who don’t know the ins and outs of automated gates. We’ve worked with all kinds of gate technology over the years. We’re well equipped to handle all levels of gate problems, and we know exactly what to look for when we conduct our inspections.

We Handle It All

When you require anything related to gate automation, InteleGates is the team you need. We don’t just handle gate maintenance. We handle the installation and all of your other automated gate needs. Why should you waste your time looking for a bunch of different companies? Just call us. We’ll take care of everything and save you time.

Gate Brand Experience

At InteleGates, client satisfaction matters more to us than anything else. Our services help keep families and properties safe, so we take our work very seriously. That’s why we don’t cut corners, take shortcuts, or deliver anything less than the top-notch service that you deserve. We pay careful attention during our maintenance and inspections because we don’t want our clients to deal with any major issues later. When you want the best gate automation and maintenance service in LA, InteleGates is here to provide exactly what you need.

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