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InteleGates® has specialized in installation and repair of access control gates in Los Angeles and Orange County for over 20 years with quality and trusted work. Our skilled and qualified technicians will make sure that your job is done right and that your automatic gate is back up and running properly in no time, whether it’s a slide or swing gate. InteleGates® services all major brands like LiftMaster, Elite, DoorKing, FAAC, Ramset, Eagle, and BFT.

Automatic gates are electric-powered barriers that can open and close to control access to a certain area. They are commonly found at the entrance of a business facility (driveway gate) or a parking garage of an apartment building, among other areas. Automatic gate opening systems are generally operated by a remote control, digital keypad, telephone entry system, card reader, or another access control setup. Some systems use intercoms to enable communication with an individual who can open the gate electronically.

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There are various types of automatic gates, including these:

  • Slide gates – As the name implies, these slide on rollers set inside a track installed parallel to the fence. In some versions, the rollers run directly on the ground.
  • Swing gates – These hinged gates open like doors, inward or outward.
  • Overhead gates – These gates raise up at a roughly 90-degree curve, like garage doors.
  • Vertical lift gates – These use tall towers positioned on each side of the gate to lift it up and down.
  • Barrier arm gates – These have a horizontally oriented arm that is mounted on one end to a tower at the side of the entrance. When activated, the arm raises in a 90-degree arc.
  • Electric or mechanical spikes – These access control devices protrude from the ground to prevent vehicles from passing through, and retract to allow access.

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