Electric Gate Maintenance in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

InteleGates® technicians are experts in the field who can provide proper maintenance for your gate openers, telephone entry systems, and other access control systems so they will continue working properly, reducing costly repairs, preventing injuries, and eliminating safety violations in the process. Proper care upfront keeps costs down in the long run.

Electric Gate Diagnostics from InteleGates

Why bother with automatic gate maintenance? It’s a good way to prevent a lot of common issues before expensive breakdowns can occur. Furthermore, annual scheduled maintenance is sometimes required by gate manufacturers to keep the warranty valid.

man checking gate circuit boards

Gates are susceptible to a number of issues that impede correct performance—this is true even for expensive high-end systems. Eventually, these problems can worsen and, in some cases, create a serious safety hazard. Common threats to automatic gates include but are not limited to:

  • Insects – Tiny insects have a way of getting inside circuit boards and causing harm to electrical components.
  • Weather – The circuit board can be harmed by exposure to rain, hail, heat, and other meteorological phenomena. Rust can also develop on steel gates over time.
  • Poor lubrication – Wheels, hinges, and chains must remain adequately oiled to prevent loss of functionality.

Contact Us for Electric Gate Maintenance

Whether you need an inspector for annual driveway gate diagnostics to prevent mechanical problems, or a technician who can provide emergency automatic gate maintenance for a defective system, you can trust InteleGates® for affordably priced services carried out with the utmost professionalism. You can reach us by phone at (833) 468-4283.