Gate Repair in Los Angeles

InteleGates® specializes in the repair and service of electric gates. We use the latest state-of-the-art repair and diagnosis equipment to take the guesswork out of the process. Our technicians are trained to maintain, service, and install electric gate equipment whether you need to repair a single component of the gate system or the entire gate.

InteleGates® can do it all! For the past twenty years, we’ve taken pride in providing quality work. Since every gate installation is different and comes with its own unique set of potential problems and repair needs, you need a company that has the experience and the know-how to deal with a wide variety of systems.

Types of Gate Repairs

Driveway gates and other kinds of electric gates are prone to developing operational problems as the years go by. Sometimes these issues pose a serious safety threat, either because the gate itself creates a physical danger or because it can no longer safeguard the property as intended. Common issues affecting automatic gates include the following:

skilled engineers repairing gate
  • Broken or rusted hinge
  • Loose chain
  • Faulty wheel
  • Faulty sensor
  • Poor lubrication
  • Defective remote control

No matter what kind of gate you have on the property—single-gate, double-gate, slide gate, or another type—you can count on us to get everything back to good working condition. Timely professional repairs can make the difference between a minor problem and a major (and expensive) headache, so don’t hesitate to call us when you’re having trouble.

Gates We Repair

InteleGates® has experience with many major brands, such as the following:

  • FAAC 
  • Sentex 
  • Eagle
  • Ramset
  • Miracle One
  • BFT 
  • Viking Access Systems
  • DKS DoorKing
  • Chamberlain  

If you’re not certain whether we can service your particular gate, just give us a call.

Contact Us for Expert Electric Gate Repair Services

InteleGates® offers emergency electric gate and driveway gate repair service at affordable rates. For emergency repair to your gate or operating system don’t hesitate to call us at (833) 468-4283.