Slide Gate Or Swing Gate: Which Is Best For My Driveway?

With slide gates and swing gates, both have their advantages that at least warrant consideration for any homeowner buying their first driveway gate.

Electric gates come in two common designs: the type that slides open/close and those that swing on an arm. Which you should install on your property and which is the better design comes down to what the right automatic gate is for your needs and preferences.

Why Homeowners Argue Sliding Gates Are Better

It’s said that sliding gates offer more security and are perceived to be a greater crime deterrent as they’re more difficult to force open.

This, and also the fact that they maximize space when opening sideways rather than inwards, is why homeowners will argue automatic sliding gates to be the must-have choice.

Why Homeowners Argue Swing Gates Are Better

Swing gates are not to be counted out in any comparison of slide gates v. swing gates as they have a lot going for them.

For properties with the space available, swing gates often require less maintenance and can prove easier to operate, with a number of benefits you may not find you have with sliding gates.

How Sliding Gates And Swing Gates Work: Differences In Design

The primary difference between sliding gates and swing gates is in the operation. Though they serve the same purpose, whether the gate slides or swings necessitates two very different installation designs.

A sliding gate is very simple. It uses a track in which the gate moves and the gate piece itself. The track is typically installed along an existing wall or fence on the property. The automatic gate then simply slides along.

A swing gate opens inward on an arm towards your driveway, requiring a clear path to do so. They never open outwards as this can pose a risk to pedestrian walkways, cyclists, and drivers. Therefore, they require enough space to successfully complete an inward open.

Let’s dig in a bit more into what makes each type of gate so favored among aspiring electric gate owners.

How Swing Gates Work

How Swing Gates Work

Swing Gates Are More Classic And Traditional

Swing gates have been used on homes for centuries. They are the more traditional type of gate of the two, which some homeowners may perceive as dated but there are no doubt some absolute stylish classics in swing gates.

An example of a swing gate in its most stylish presentation is a double swing gate which uses two gate openers to open a panel simultaneously on each respective side, revealing the property sitting behind it from its open.

Swing Gates Require Driveway Space For The Gate And Your Vehicle

If your driveway is not flat and on an inclined slope, something like a swing gate may not be capable of opening correctly.

You may not have enough space to open inwards a swing gate while having your vehicle at a safe distance or, alternatively, there may not be enough length to install the track for a sliding gate if your property is not very wide.

How Sliding Gates Work

How Sliding Gates Work

Electric Slide Gate: Open The Door On The Gate Motor

Sliding gates, many find, have a more luxurious, grand aesthetic to them. They are viewed as the more modern, high-tech of the two gate styles.

Sliding Gates Are Compact But Also Long

Sliding gates are a compact, highly efficient way of using driveway space. That said, they effectively double the length of your gate and sometimes a bit more than that. They use up a significant portion length-wise of your front yard.

In this way, it’s not that sliding gates take up no space. It’s that they take up space a little differently than swing gates.

Sliding Gates Usually Cost Less Than Swing Gates

A homeowner on a tight budget with the option to buy either may be recommended to go with a sliding gate because it’s most likely going to be more affordable than a swing gate.

Why a swing gate costs a little more is because it can use more complex mechanisms and has more moving parts, such as hinges, bolts, hinge posts, receiving posts, and more.

At the same time, some swing gates are very simple in their design and can be priced very affordably.

Slide Gate Swing Gate Both Need Maintenance

Both Sliding Gates And Swing Gates Require Yearly Maintenance

Regardless of the type of gate for your driveway that you choose, sliding gates and swing gates are best when maintained with at least one visit per year from a professional gate service technician.

Sliding gates, sometimes, require less maintenance but that does not mean they don’t need any.

Sliding gates run on a track. These tracks collect debris and build-up over the months. Left to accumulate, debris can jam the gate on the track. This requires having to check and clean out the track on at least a seasonal basis.

Slide Gate Or Swing Gate: Taking Objects And Property Layout Into Account

If the amount of space in your driveway and front yard hasn’t make the decision for you, the layout of your property may.

When you install an electric sliding or swing gate, calculations have to be made for the objects around it. Anything in the way as an immovable obstruction is not going to work for that particular type of gate. But it’s not only that.

Accessibility and layout issues can present, i.e. outlet pipes, vents, sewage pipes, wells, fire exit points, and more.

A decision like which type of gate to install for your home has to be carefully planned. If it inhibits or impedes areas of your property that have to be accessible, this may reinforce either of the two gate designs being more or less the only option.

Choose The Best Automatic Gate Design For You

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