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Smart Homes’ impact on Automated Gate Industry

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You can control your lights with your voice, check the weather from your couch, and set your thermostat without lifting a finger. The smart home has definitely made lives more convenient. It hasn’t just changed lights and temperature control, though. The smart home industry has changed the automated gate industry, too.

Smart Home Automated Gate

The automated gate already delivers high-tech solutions on its own. When the smart home gets involved, that technology suddenly has even more capabilities. These days, as people maximize their time at home and minimize their time outside of it, all sorts of home automation options have become more and more appealing. Below, we’ve listed some of the things that the electric gate industry can provide thanks to advent of smart home technology.

Use Your Voice

First, just like with most smart home options, you can now use your voice to open and close your gates. Now, electric gates provide convenience whether or not you have a voice assistant. You can already control your gates with the push of a button or a few taps on your phone. Still, with voice commands, you get an extra layer of convenience that can help you when you need it. For example, say that you’re in the middle of an important document while working from home. If you realize that your gates are open and would like to close them, you can do so with your voice without losing your place in the document.

Set a Timer

With smart home technology, you can also use a timer to control your automated gate. You might set your gate to open during daylight hours and close after sunset, for example. You can use your gate timer in the same way that you’d use a light timer, too. For instance, if you leave the house for a vacation, you can set your gates to open and close a certain intervals, giving the appearance that somebody is still at home.

Other Smart Home Automated Gate Options

Of course, those aren’t the only options that you can use to make the most of your automated gate. You can talk to your gate installer about any of these options:

  • Controlling your gates from a distance with your phone
  • Monitoring your gate security with smart home tech
  • Using cameras
  • Upgrading your wireless gate technology


At Intelegates, we always keep an eye on the latest tools and technologies available for our electric gates. Are you interested in gate installation or adding smart home capabilities to your current gate? Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

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