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Telephone Entry Systems: How They Keep Your Home Secure

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An automated gate system is a prime example of modern convenience. Still, if you live in Los Angeles you can always improve upon “modern.” If you have a commercial or residential property that uses sensors but doesn’t feature a telephone entry system, then you might consider fresh safety measures. Automated gates are wonderful, but all it takes is one simple upgrade to add to their usefulness.

A telephone entry system is deceptively simplistic in its presentation. Yet this technology addresses a variety of safety concerns as well as offering improvements on the old standbys. Here are some of the ways that telephone gate controls can answer your worries whenever safety is the question.

Security at a Distance

The obvious advantage is that mobile phones are common devices among family members, which means the people you care about will always have access to inside. Telephone entry software allows for remote access in ways that will not distract from daily duties while keeping your standards of security intact. Delivery drivers can let themselves in if given keycodes, for instance. You can open your gates with a desktop, tablet, or any modern mobile device. In this case, “common” is a good word because mobile capabilities quell any concerns about a complicated UI.

Combined Safety

A telephone entry device is compatible with other systems so you can personalize your gates. This way if your business partner or significant other prefers a different way to enter, they can. But you won’t lose any of the new perks with this addition to your current setup. Don’t hesitate to inquire about installation or upgrade estimates today.

No Uninvited Guests

Only friends, relatives, and the invited can step inside your home or business. Security is personal with a telephone entry system. Using the speaker function, you can talk directly to the person asking for entry so you can gauge their intentions and avoid impersonal greetings during company hours.

You can promptly open gates for known visitors. If you’re hosting a get-together in Orange County you won’t have to excuse yourself to buzz-in new arrivals. Your guests will see how in-control you are and relax like you want them to. If you’re away on holiday and someone else is hosting you can still maintain control.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if a late-night stranger tries to gain entry you can stay safely inside. This allows you to take proper measures to alert authorities and check on unaware residents. InteleGates prioritizes both convenience and safety when it comes to installation options so you’re covered in every scenario.

Telephone InteleGates

Consider choosing telephone entry as the next step up for your automated gates. Whether you need installation, diagnostics, or repairs for your new system in the Los Angeles area, InteleGates can provide expert action. Just like remote gate control keeps you aware of every coming and going, our knowledgeable staff members are waiting to prove their awareness of automated gate safety. Visit us now and ask how we can make your properties safer than they’ve ever been.

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