Tips On Maintaining And Inspecting Your Electric Gates

A new or existing automatic gate on your property is a simple amenity that adds security and that makes it easier to maintain privacy. That said, electric gate maintenance and regular inspection of automatic gates is an essential part of ensuring there aren’t any compromises in security or any small issues that could grow to become expensive problems to fix.

While automatic gates do not need much maintenance, they do need some to confirm everything still operates in working order and that the gate is properly configured for the long-term. A malfunctioning gate means the security you thought you had, you probably don’t, and, at worst, could injure someone. A pet, child, or anyone unfamiliar with how an automatic gate works is at risk.

Here is how to maintain an automatic gate, how often you should inspect it, and when to call a gate technician.

What Is Gate Maintenance?

Gate maintenance is a top-to-bottom check of all relevant components of a gate.

Main checks are carried out. Wiring is looked at. The automation device is tested. Single components are carefully examined. The hinges are looked at to verify they are properly lubricated and stable, opening and closing as intended. Any sign of wear, rust, or dirt is noted and evaluated to determine if a repair or replacement part is needed. Brackets and other components are tidied to remove dust, leaves, or dead insects.

All moving parts on automatic gates are cleaned and tested. The electronics are also tested, ensuring the photocells are working correctly. Everything is wiped and cleaned, if necessary.

A lot of maintenance on gates is preventative by design. It’s to avoid what could end up becoming a dangerous accident down the line or to have your automatic gate cease working when you need it to most.

Benefits Of Electric Gate Maintenance

  • Keep your gate and motor in the best condition year-round, offering you premium functioning.
  • Ensure there are no safety issues or electrical issues that could prove hazardous to your property.
  • Maximize the lifespan of your gate, often by several years with adequate maintenance and regular inspection.
  • You spent considerable money on an electric gate and you want it to look its best. As the elements can cause parts to rust or corrode slowly over time, that leaves you with a less than aesthetically-pleasing gate. Proper gate maintenance cuts down on the rust and corrosion at the source.

Most importantly, avoid your automatic gate breaking down at the least convenient time possible. By checking the various parts and functions of your electric gate, you greatly diminish the likelihood of a breakdown occurring at a seemingly random moment.

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Get all the benefits of our electric gate inspection and maintenance today. We go above and beyond to ensure proper functioning of your gate all year round.
Benefits Of Regular Gate Maintenance

Call To Schedule Your Gate Inspection And Maintenance Today!

Get all the benefits of our electric gate inspection and maintenance today. We go above and beyond to ensure proper functioning of your gate all year round.

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How An Automatic Gate Works

An automatic gate operates as two systems working in tandem: the gate structure and gate operator mechanism.

The gate structure is the physical body, usually made from iron or steel. The gate operator enables the gate to move automatically when there is an indication of an entry or exit from the property. The operator is electric by design but may incorporate control access panels, sensors, remote control access, wireless device syncing, and more.

An Electric Gate Not Opening: What Could Be The Problem?

Ideally, you don’t want to reach the point where you need electric gates repair or gate automation repairs but when you aren’t getting maintenance done on a regular basis, that’s where things could end up. Here are some of the causes of an electric gate not opening.

  • There is vegetation along the gate’s path or an object blocking the automatic gate from opening.
  • There may be an electrical outage if your gate is not receiving power.
  • Your remote control may need new batteries or to be checked if it is the cause of your automatic gate not opening.
  • You may have moss or mould growing over the sensors or something blocking them.
  • You may have worn-out components, i.e. rollers, hinges, or rails that are failing and require repair.

How Often Should You Inspect Your Automatic Gate?

Your automatic gates should be serviced anywhere between once a year to once every three months. Once-a-year gate maintenance is for gate systems that have light usage, i.e. no more than three times a day. More than that, you are at a greater risk of wear-and-tear issues and require more regular maintenance.

The exact rule to follow for automate gates will vary according to what’s recommended by the manufacturer, the type of weather your property is dealing with, the age of the gate, and other factors.

To help with electric gate maintenance, here are a few tips for your gate system that you can do without having to call an expert.

Inspect Your Gate

Identify any flaws or anything not working properly. Determine if you need an electric gate maintenance and repair technician to stop by. A quick visual inspection once a month should be enough to spot imperfections, such as rust, dents, and damage.

Keep Your Gate Clean

Ensure your gate’s structure and perimeter are kept clean at all times. The track and gate operator in particular should be a focal point for attention. Occasionally, taking a cloth to wipe down your gate is enough and will work to prevent debris from sticking to the frame, causing the iron or steel to rust.

Check For Lubrication

Lubricate your automatic gate. There should be lubricant on the essential components of your gate, including the belt, wheel, and track. More lubricant should be applied twice a year to ensure friction is limited.

Keep Pests & Small Animals Away

You don’t want pests building a nest on or around your gate, i.e. snails, bees, etc. Inspect the surrounding area to make sure there aren’t any small animals in the vicinity as well.

When To Call A Gate Technician For Gate Repair & Maintenance

There are a few scenarios where it is strongly recommended to call a gate maintenance worker or gate repair technician.

If you notice the gate is no longer properly installed, has broken elements, is not functioning well, or has hindrances that limit its routine open/close operation, these are all situations where a gate technician can make the necessary repairs and/or engage in maintenance. Any anomalies in a gate’s operation are worth having a technician inspect to confirm that it’s not the start of an unexpected gate breakdown to come.

For all of your electric gate and automatic gate maintenance and inspection needs, give the experts at InteleGates a call. A trained technician can ensure your gate is properly maintained over time, extending its lifespan and reducing the risk of an unexpected breakdown.

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