Troubleshooting Common Problems With Automatic Gates

An automatic gate offers security, homeowner convenience, and includes elements of smart home automation. As advantageous as automatic gates are, just like with standard electric gates, they can experience issues over time.

From hearing a lot of noise when you open and close the gate to the automatic gate not opening or closing at all, fortunately, a lot of these problems can be troubleshooted and resolved utilizing the right tools and equipment.

Here is how to go about troubleshooting common problems with automatic gates.

Your Sensors Are Not Working Very Well

An automatic gate uses sensors to identify obstructions and trigger or prevent motion. If a gate is not opening because the sensors are malfunctioning, this is a repair that has to happen.

Most of the time, sensors get blocked from insects, pests, and vermin that like to climb into dark corners to hide. As they do, this causes an obstruction and blocks the sensors. Any sort of dirt, debris, or material that finds its way into these spaces will cause the same clutter.

Be sure to clear away dirt and pests, and mold and moss. Fortunately, this is not something that a gate repair technician is needed for.

Gate Sensors Not Working Common Issues With Automatic Gates

You Are Hearing Noise When You Open/Close Your Gate

Automatic gate noise can stem from many sources. It is usually from a worn mechanism that needs replacing.

A gate owner can do a quick inspection around the gate to verify there are no obstructions or friction causing noise. In most cases, however, a gate repair technician will need to take apart the gate and either reassemble the area causing noise or install a new part fitted to your gate.

Opening And Closing Your Gate Is Not Fluid

If, as you open and close your gate, it seems to stumble through the motion, it is likely a sign that your track is worn down.

To troubleshoot an issue relating to opening and closing your gate, be very careful. Physically inspect the gate’s functionality. When you notice it jerk along or if it gets stuck quite clearly, it’s likely that the track is requiring a replacement or a repair. For that, an automatic gate repair service person will be required to safely install the fix.

Your Automatic Gate Remote Control Is Not Working

A remote control for an automatic gate that is not properly maintained may start to have issues.

Typically, this is a battery issue. Try replacing the battery to start. Next, ensure it is properly calibrated to the automatic gate. If it’s a new remote control, this is something to check. If this troubleshooting does not do the trick, the only other solution is to replace the remote.

Your Gate Is Stuck In Manual Mode And Not Automatic

If your gate is stuck in manual mode, it won’t respond to opening and closing commands like an automatic gate would.

The likely culprit of this issue is batteries in the remote or a mechanism in the gate’s opener malfunctioning. If troubleshooting the gate opener is not possible or if you would rather have a gate technician troubleshoot, that may be required anyway to identify and replace essential parts.

Your Automatic Gate Is Not Opening Or Closing

The primary reason an automatic gate would not open/close is due to a power outage or lack of a functioning power source.

Cut the power to an automatic gate and it will not function. A power outage can also cause electrical problems when everything comes back online. The automatic gate will need to be tested using special equipment to identify where the power-based operational issue stems from.

Automatic Gate Not Opening Or Closing Common Issues

Your Automatic Gate Is Broken And Breaking Down Regularly

A gate requires maintenance. If you are not keeping up with smaller repairs and don’t have electric gate maintenance regularly scheduled, that opens up the possibility of a serious breakdown occurring further down the line that’s costlier to fix.

To maximize its function and catch small problems before they grow to become larger, get set up with an annual gate maintenance check.

Automatic Gate Motor Is Improperly Selected And Sized

The gate motor is what controls the automatic open/close of the gate. There are different gate motors, each tailored to different uses.

Automatic Gate Motor Usage

Some motors are only built to be equipped to handle 2-4 uses per day. If the driveway is in use more than that, the motor may burn out and require a replacement sooner than its average life span predicts. If there are problems with your motor, ensure it’s replaced with an adequately powered design.

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Gate Lock Is Disconnecting And/Or Failing To Lock

There are several reasons why a gate lock may disconnect or fail to lock after the gate closes. It could be from jamming or the gate not lining up with the lock catch. A gate technician inspection can help identify what’s going on and remedy it in a timely manner.

In a lot of cases, there may need to be hardware adjusted or outright replaced to ensure the lock catches as intended.

Rust, Paint, & Weather Damage Over Time

Although this is not a functional problem, a common issue that automatic gates face is surface damage from weather and seasonal changes.

Cosmetic Gate Damage

If this is only cosmetic, you may want to hire someone with knowledge of how to correctly coat the steel, eliminate rust, and resolve flaking paint. Improperly coated gate materials can start to rust or flake paint within months of their initial installation. If you notice this happening, don’t hesitate to get it resolved before it grows into something worse.

Cosmetic Damage Common Problems With Automatic Gates

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