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Upgrades And Modernization Of Automatic Gate Systems

An old-style manual gate is convenient but it’s not as modern or beneficial as an automatic gate system equipped with the latest technology and design features.

As more homeowners and property managers incorporate smart home automation in the residences and buildings they call their own, an automatic gate system presents several advantages.

They provide more user-friendly features, are equipped with the most effective security parameters there are, and can be incorporated into your property’s existing automation setup.

Here is why upgrades and modernization of automatic gate systems make sense for the average property owner.

As you seek to make a decision on what home automation system to buy or what electric gate system to install, here is what you need to know about compatibility with home automation systems, and its limits and functionality.

They Are Easy To Install And Maintain

A trendy modern automatic gate system does not carry very many wires and is easier to install than the antiquated gate systems used in years’ past.

When You Upgrade Your Automate Gate, You Add Safety Features

If you need a concrete reason to consider upgrading and modernizing your gate system, consider the safety features that come with an automatic gate.

Infrared beams, loop detectors, and motion sensors make an automatic gate safer than a manual gate. These ensure the gate stops immediately if there’s a sense of an obstruction.

If you have pets and children playing on your property, you can rest assured that an automatic gate is not going to close or open in a way that is unsafe or puts them at risk.

Upgrade Gate Safety Features

You Can Retrofit An Existing Gate With Modern Automatic Gate Features

A lot of older gates can be retrofitted and upgraded into an automated gate quite easily. Upgrading and modernizing your gate system does not necessarily mean you have to get rid of what you already have aesthetically and switch to a whole new look for your property.

Automatic gates – be it sliding gates or swing gates – work on tracks, hinges, and motors. Just like they are attached to a manual system, they can often be re-engineered by an automatic gate service team with automated systems.

Ways To Upgrade Your Automatic Gate

Ways To Update Your System And Upgrade To Automatic Gates

There are several routes to take to upgrade your automatic gates, whether it’s for a business or a home.

  • Install a wireless keypad with a numeric code to control access to your property. Ideal for warehouses and parking lots.
  • Install an intercom entry system to allow you to talk to the party at the front of your gate and possibly see them if there is video communication included.
  • Add a remote control to open and close your gate from the comfort of your vehicle without having to put in a code.
  • Link up your gate with WiFi and connect it to your smartphone so that you can remotely unlock or activate the gate from anywhere.
  • Use key cards which can be programmed with individual codes. Hold it near a reader and the user is authorized.
Upgrade Your Automatic Gate For Remote Operation

You Can Operate Your Automatic Gate Remotely

The biggest reason to upgrade and modernize an automatic gate system is because you can operate it remotely in a way you cannot do otherwise.

There is no going outside in inclement weather to open or close the gate. You don’t need to hire an attendant. An automatic gate system connects to your WiFi and can be operated from anywhere with your smartphone.

This allows you to approve or deny entry remotely and maintain security over your premises even when you aren’t in physical attendance.

Upgrade Your Gate System With InteleGates To Get The Most From Your Gate

There is no reason to deny yourself the benefits and advantages of a gate because of the mere fact that you aren’t yet equipped with smart home automation or an automated gate system. Upgrade your electric gate today by scheduling a service call from the best gate technicians in the city at InteleGates. We work with all major brands and can provide input on what you need to receive the full features you want.

Reach out to InteleGates today to schedule a visit to have your electric gate examined and be provided the components for an upgrade to smart home automation.

You Get Better Security With An Automatic Gate

In some ways, when you modernize to an automatic gate, you receive better overall security.

An access control system tagged to an automatic gate can be outfitted with an intercom that allows you to communicate back and forth, in addition to a video camera and keypad entry.

Now that you can see who is at your gate and speak to them directly by intercom, this gives you the chance to visually confirm who is at your gate’s entryway and why they want access.

Increase Property Value With Automatic Gate Upgrades

Increase Your Property Value With An Automatic Gate System

On average, having a gate outfitted to your home can up the overall value by as much as 5%. This is based on the security it contributes as well as the aesthetic value an automatic gate puts on a home.

Homebuyers and property managers want a property that is safe and secure. They know with an automatic gate system, they’re better equipped to handle security threats.

As an added benefit, your home insurance company may be willing to offer a premium price cut on what you pay when you have automatic gates installed on the property.

Boost Your Curb Appeal With An Automatic Gate Personalized To Taste

An automatic gate can be made into different colors and styles. There are brands of automatic gate systems out there using different materials. Any property manager or homeowner should be able to find a gate that compliments their home.

For a business, an automatic gate communicates security, professionalism, and care. For a home, an automatic gate is more about safety and protection, and exhibits a sense of luxury.

Upgrade And Modernize Your Automatic Gates With InteleGates

If you are interested in upgrading and modernizing an automatic gate system, the team at InteleGates can help.

To help determine whether your gate is worth an upgrade and modernization, our technicians start by conducting a visual inspection to ensure nothing has rusted through and that there are no issues impacting the safety of the gate. If your gate is excessively damaged, a replacement may be recommended over an upgrade.

We will also consider its age and, if it’s a particularly older design, how effective its safety features are. Its performance will be evaluated to ensure it is not moving slow, is occasionally unresponsive, is not moving irregularly, or is experiencing any similar issues that could make an upgrade and modernization to an automatic gate system not a smart move until these major things are fixed.

InteleGates is more than happy to schedule a service call that sends one of our technicians to you for an inspection, to make any needed repairs, and to advise you on whether an upgrade to an automatic gate is possible as well as what the next steps are in how to go about it.

Upgrade Or Modernize Your Automatic Gate

With over 20 years of experience, we can recommend the best upgrades and modernizations for your automatic gates.

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