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A Beginner’s Guide to Using InteleGates for Gate Maintenance

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Perhaps you are a homeowner or entrepreneur and you’ve recently installed new electronic gates. Like any technological addition, you have to consider maintenance options to keep things running smoothly. There are plenty of reasons why gate maintenance issues can happen at any time. This is where InteleGates can help.

Types of Gates InteleGates Covers 

We don’t expect you to know every style or build of available gates on the market. InteleGates offers maintenance on single and double builds. We specialize in electric automated gates with trained employees who come equipped with modern tools to address malfunctions or parts upgrades. We can also repair lifting or sliding gates, and if you’re unsure of your gate model, it’s no problem. Essentially the build and style isn’t a deal breaker because we are equipped to deal with all types. We begin by assessing the problem, then consulting with our professionals (and records from completed maintenance cases, if need be). We service most major brands, including Ramset, BFT, and Eagle.

Estimates and Planning

To ensure accuracy, an expert will inspect your gates and decide on the best course of action. This includes your finances and time frame, since every case is different. InteleGates employees know the importance of a quick fix, so our procedures are fine-tuned to address customer questions while still making forward progress. The goal is to discover where you are, what needs to be done, and what to do next. As previously stated, we have done this before. We guarantee detailed estimates and action planning in service of your gates, commercial or otherwise. Ask us what your best financial options are.

Temporary vs. Long-Term Maintenance

Poor repair jobs only lead to more expenses and dissatisfaction. InteleGates built its reputation on quality gate maintenance services, so temporary fixes—even if a less-than-ideal solution might seem like a good deal at the time due to low costs—should be avoided. “Temporary” is never a good word when it comes to you or your company’s security.

Home and Business Solutions

At InteleGates, client requests are treated with serious solutions. If you are a homeowner, then you value personal security for you and your family members. Given the nature of online start-ups and employees working from home, you might be protecting both family and valuables. This makes dependence on electronic and automated gates a good reason to consult with a brand that knows the industry.

Homeowners alone might not have experience with gate brands or choices. These questions are common, though accurate information can be an issue because you don’t know who is a trustworthy source. You want experts that can outline the best solutions for your locations.

Begin Here

Long-term and affordable maintenance is key for anyone living or operating in Santa Monica and Orange County locations because every penny counts. Plus. establishing longevity here business-wise can help cement your own reputation. InteleGates is confident that we are the automated gate company for you. Give our website a visit, then ask about types of gates, planning, and where to go from here.

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