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Automated Gate For Your Home

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An automated gate installation can greatly benefit your routine. Unless you work from home, chances are you’re required to be places; after all, work, school, and the never-ending grocery pickup make up a large part of our routines. Any way to cut down in-between hassles is a relief.

With an automated gate, you can leave the house without worry. You won’t have to double-check if you locked the front door or any other easy-to-forget tasks. Rushing out the door is a lot easier when all you have to do is click a button or tap in a key code.

Simply put, your routine will benefit immediately from automated gate services.

Immediate Perks

Following an automated gate installation, your routine will be much smoother. For one thing, you’ll have new options to secure the premises, like key fobs or clickers. These allow you to open automated gates with all the ease of a garage door. A fob system works just like a remote control, with quick responses as you exit or enter your home property.

Automated gates for commercial properties offer the same kinds of perks that a homeowner experiences. Gate sensors and a sturdy installation equal reliable security for you and your wares. You can sleep easy at night, knowing that entry will only be given to desired visitors.

InteleGates can make these perks yours without any wait. We can install gate sensors on your residential or commercial properties and you won’t even know they’re there. On an aesthetic level, our gate technicians will do an install that’s both clean and thorough. Visitors to the LA area will think you’ve always had this setup. We can even motorize a pre-existing gate to better serve your routine.

Automated Gate Installation Equals Simplicity

An automated gate offers simplicity to anyone who operates it. Remote gate controls include keypads, which are one of the easiest ways to get in and out without any hassle. These can be installed onto most automated gate brands. A designated code allows your trusted employees and family members to stop by whenever they need to.

Elderly members of your family will appreciate this ease of entry; there’s no complicated technology or intimidation factor here – just reliable innovation. However, your home and office security will be stronger than ever. Only you and designated users will have the entry codes, remote controls, or key fobs.

We are an authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster. For the best ease-of-access installations and automated gate repairs in Los Angeles and Orange County, you can’t go wrong with our affordable services. If you’re unsure, ask us for an estimate. We can work with your budget to add an automated gate to your routine. Our installation specialists will go over the options with you and then get to work. We work fast while ensuring that quality is a key component.

Create a Smoother Routine with InteleGates

High standards go hand-in-hand with an automated gate installation whenever InteleGates is involved. California’s local companies and citizens can rely on us to add automation accessories to any brand or model. Whether it’s a swinging or sliding gate, it doesn’t matter. We can equip any commercial or residential property in the Los Angeles area.

We also offer regular gate maintenance so you can keep that routine. You’ll know how your automated gates are holding up over time with our reports, which give you peace of mind. You’ll know your family or commercial properties are safe from break-ins or vandalism. InteleGates is ready to give you a quick and convenient daily routine.

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