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Which Gate Entry System Is Right for You

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A gate entry system adds a lot of value and benefits to your home or place of business. Indeed, such a system provides you with valuable security as well as increasing your property value when you decide to sell. However, the world of gated entry systems is full of many options. You can choose anything from a keypad entry system, call box, key fob, or gate card. How are you supposed to decide which is right for your needs? In this article, we will go over the different kinds of entry systems. We will also discuss which method would best meet your needs.

Gate Card

For people who own their own business or apartment complex, we recommend you get a gate card entry system. A gate card comes with a lot of benefits. First, a gate card entry system provides an extra layer of security by only allowing people that have a gate card to gain access to your property. Also, gate cards are fantastic if you have dozens of people entering and leaving your property at any given moment. However, it is important to note that there are some downsides to choosing a gate card entry system. The biggest downside is that you are trusting your employees and tenants to not lose or damage the gate cards.


Another excellent solution for business or apartment owners is a keypad system. A keypad system provides one of the easiest ways for your tenants or employees to gain access to your property. With a keypad entry system, you never have to worry about your employees or tenants losing a gate card or other entry device. Also, for extra security, you can regularly change the access code to your gate.

Remote Controls

We have talked a lot about entry systems that benefit places of business, but now it is time to talk about an entry system that helps homeowners. A remote control gate entry system provides an excellent layer of security and convenience for homeowners. Placing a remote control in your car allows you to open your gate from a distance so you can conveniently drive right into your home. Also, having a remote control means the only people that have access to your home are the ones that have the remote control.

Telephone Entry System

A telephone entry system is a sophisticated and safe way to keep your home or apartment complex safe. Indeed, with a telephone entry system, anyone that wants to come into your home or apartment complex will have to communicate directly with you. This point of contact means you will know who wants to enter your property.

Maintenance Is Key

No matter what gate entry system you decide to get for your property, you need to make sure that it is running correctly. Here at InteleGates, we provide industry-leading gate maintenance and repair to the residents and business owners of Los Angeles. Come to our website today and learn more about how automated gate services can bring you security.

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