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Why Automated Installations Last

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Automated installations for businesses and homeowners alike are designed to last. With regular gate maintenance, any gate owner can be a long-time gate owner. When it comes to state-of-the-art technology, this is just part of the deal, versus a throw-away product that cannot be upgraded.

Maintenance is a key factor in keeping electric gates working for years. Make no mistake: this is no sign of weakness, but a tool to add longevity to an already-sturdy technology. As with any great innovation, upkeep is necessary to know how your automated gates are functioning as time passes.

At InteleGates, our experienced technicians know how to administer upkeep that is affordable for you. When necessary, we can add gate automation upgrades to your residential or commercial properties. Over time, our technicians can inspect your setup to keep your place protected.

Long-Lasting Convenience for Homes and Businesses 

With new and frequently updated software, gate owners can grant access to visitors and delivery drivers from mobile phones or tablets that our technicians have equipped. Standard telephone entry systems can offer a similar amount of remote control range, along with optimal privacy. In today’s environment, the home base is where many of us spend our time. It stands to reason that we equip that home base with advantages to help our endeavors. 

After all, when running a business from home, being two places at once is not ideal (or possible). Automated gates will provide convenience for your business affairs, allowing all the needed parts to move smoothly—and without delay. For example, electric gate remote access lets you receive delivered goods without being on the premises. This way, your employees can take inventory when you are on the road, eliminating the need to rush back to work when a surprise truckload arrives. 

Long-Lasting Protection

With automated installations, you have total control over who enters and who doesn’t, which will keep vandalism away from your premises. A secure, reliable automated gate services blocks trespassers. The only way to open it requires a separate device or code, which you can share with the people you trust.

InteleGates can install easy-to-operate remote gate controls, such as keypads and long-distance controls. Users who are elderly or young can rely on the best technology to let them in and out without fail. Automated gate repair is our specialty. Our maintenance solutions will ensure that these attributes last as long as you are in the same spot.

Schedule an Installation or Check-Up Today

Ask us for an estimate for our services. Our automated installations are a great investment for both large and small families. Family members with disabilities, who might need assistance going in and out of your property, can enter or leave with responsive controls that will stand the test of time. Ask us how we can improve your home and business designs with automated technologies for your Los Angeles establishment. InteleGates is ready to help build a legacy of safety.

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